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This is also a very famous Atari game I tried to implement as a Java Applet. In the introscreen you can choose with how many players you want to play (this can be a combination of Computerplayers and HumanPlayers) by clicking on the Strings. For each of the four players you can choose "Human", "Computer" and "None". The chosen option will be displayed in Orange. Then you can select the number of battle rounds you want to play (Click on "Less(-)" or "More(+)". If you made your decision press Enter to start the fight. In the battlescreen you can choose a angle (Cursorkeys left, right) and a power (Cursorkeys up, down) for your shot. Then press SpaceBar and watch your target explode... or not?! After playing all rounds you get a statistic. So have fun!

Fabian Birzele, 2001-2004.
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